Laura Roach

Senior Advisor & Negotiator

Laura Roach

Immersed in renovations and rentals from a young age, and with a family history in property development, it should come as no surprise that Laura ended up in the real estate industry. With a flair for interior design and a keen knowledge of what truly sells, she is a master at helping transform homes to attract premium results.

While her career began in corporate as a business development manager, a life change during COVID encouraged her pivot into real estate. She quickly made a name for herself in the industry, earning a Rising Star Award in 2020, and hasn’t looked back since.

Often found early on a beach walk with her dog and enjoying an almond cappuccino, as a Mandurah local, she has built a unique presence in the community and formed many strong connections, allowing her to gain the trust of clients in the area. Laura has a natural ability to relate to people from all walks of life and always aims to ensure clients receive her expert and honest advice delivered with her renowned smile and charm.

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