Adam Ghizzo

Senior Advisor & Negotiator

Adam Ghizzo

Adam Ghizzo, affectionately known as “The Ghiz”, is a father of two and former Italian chef turned luxury real estate agent. With the ability to cook up a successful deal, he has a penchant for luxury homes and a unique sense of humor. He’s the smooth operator who oozes the WHITEFOX Values of ‘Bold, Polished, and Matter-of-Fact’. Adam’s career transition stemmed from his partner, who was in the industry where he was drawn to the independence and the ethos of reaping what you sow.

What sets Adam apart is his innate ability to understand the brief and his impeccable timing in a negotiation- otherwise known as street smarts. One of his most challenging triumphs was selling a home in the rock-bottom market of 2019, surrounded by chaos but emerging successful after 16 weeks on the market.

Outside the realm of real estate, Adam’s distinct personality shines through – a self-described mix of “different, driven, and dangerous.”

When not orchestrating deals, Adam unwinds with a ¾ Long Mac and dreams of a month in Italy.

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